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How Custom Apparel Manufacturing Works?

We handle everything from Start to Finish

How Custom Apparel Manufacturing Works

Our expert team will absolutely help bring your products to market,
with our proven, custom apparel manufacturing system.
Step 1.

Concept & Strategy

Send us an email with various details and artwork or pictures of the items you are looking to have custom apparel manufacturing.


We will respond within 24 hours, with our expert comments and suggestions on how to best move forward.

Timeline: 1-3 Days

Step 2.

Development of Sample(s)

We will provide estimated costs and minimum order quantities (MOQ) for your consent. Then, based on your artwork or reference sample, we will deliver a 1st prototype sample that we will produce using our custom apparel manufacturing for your approval .

Timeline: 21-30 Days

Step 3.


After approving the prototype sample and sending us your purchase order, we will begin the custom apparel manufacturing process. Before starting Cut & Sew, we will provide you with a final pre-production (PP) sample, in the actual fabric, trims, logo, fit etc. for your approval. If all is ok, only then will we begin manufacturing the products.

Timeline: 45 to 60 Days

Step 4.


We will keep you informed at every phase of the production cycle. Once your products are ready to ship from the factory, we will arrange Ocean Freight, U.S. Customs Clearance and the best delivery to your final destination.

Timeline: 20-30 Days

Why Import?

Custom Apparel Manufacturing

Built to spec

Details are important. We know the questions to ask to turn ideas into amazing products.

Built for your brand

We make items that reflect your unique brand by getting to know your company’s culture and the desired effect your swag brings to your market.
Sample Development

Savings built in

If all the customization wasn’t enough, overall value and savings are also a big win for producing product overseas.

Built to keep

You will thrill your tribe with cool custom pieces no one else has, making them an item to keep.

Plan Ahead

With a bit of early planning, the benefits of building items from the ground up can be at your fingertips. Here’s a chart showing a breakdown of the most common stages and timelines. Your project may vary, but this is a good starting point for understanding how overseas orders are made. For your next project, just start the process a quarter or 2 ahead.
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We can say with confidence that we are among the best!

We promise to provide exceptional customer service and the highest degree of Quality Control.