Product Launch Guidelines

Product Launch Guidelines

New Product Launch

Thank you for considering Outsource I.D. for development and manufacturing of your products. We take the trust you place in us very seriously. Outsource I.D. has long standing relations with our overseas factories, who possess the highest of quality control standards.

To better allow Outsource I.D. to properly evaluate our ability to move forward together, the following are basic production guidelines that need to be met:

Are we the right Fit for your products/company?

There are few cut and sew products that we have not been able to produce, but we do need to confirm that your products fit into our manufacturing capabilities. Kindly send us picture(s) or artwork so we can provide our comments

Cost Estimates and Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ’s)

Upon receipt of your product we will provide you with an ‘Estimated’ 1st production run cost as well as required minimum order quantities.

Custom Products

If you are looking to manufacture original custom products that are of your designs, the following must be considered;

MOQ’s – In general minimum order quantities on custom products are 500pcs per style and per color. Under special circumstances the factory may accept less quantities, but up-charges will apply.

Prototype/Development Fee on Custom Products: Should you decide to proceed, the development/1st prototype/freight fees will be equal to 5% of the estimated project cost. (Additional fees for other services may apply).

Factory Direct Products

Outsourced I.D. has collaborated with our top factories to offer a wide range of ready-made products which require lower MOQ (minimum order quantity). We are still able to provide you with a fair amount of ‘customization’ on these products. Let’s discuss your exact needs.

MOQ’s – The minimum order quantities are 300pcs (Only on the catalog specifically marked as 300pcs MOQ)

Prototype/Sample Cost: Subject to confirmation, the cost of each sample inclusive of freight fees is $125.00.

Launching a new product and developing your brand is a substantial undertaking. It requires commitment, perseverance and having the proper resources to see the product thru to market.

If you feel confident that you are ready to develop and manufacture your products, by all means please reach out to us and it will be our pleasure to discuss how Outsource I.D. can best assist you. Looking forward to a great collaboration.

We can say with confidence that we are among the best!

We promise to provide exceptional customer service and the highest degree of Quality Control.

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Reach out to us with a request

We welcome the opportunity to support and share in your exciting project. Our expert team will give you an honest assessment and recommendation on how to best proceed. We understand your time is valuable. It all starts with a conversation, so please do reach out to us.

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