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Outsource I.D. can manufacture a wide range of apparel, accessories, and gear bag products. We will produce your exact product to your exact specifications. A selection of the type of products we’ve produced and can produce are presented here for your consideration. Feel free to reach out to us if you don’t see your exact product description.

Back Packs and Gear Bags

WE offer a wide range of backpacks, gear bags and unique custom designed bags.

We specialize in high quality nylon fabrics & trims that feature rugged durability and solid construction.

We are capable of both small runs and high-volume production for a wide range of industries.

We can provide professional artwork to better define the design, colors, trims, materials, and logos to make it your own custom branded product.

General Product Styles & Features: Travel Backpacks, Hunting Packs, Fishing Packs, Laptop Backpacks, Sublimated Backpacks, Sport Packs, Camping Packs, Cooler Packs, Medical Bags. Camping, Cooler Packs, Corporate Promotional, Cycling, Fishing – Marine, Helmet, Hunting – Shooting, Motorsports, MX Off-road, Outdoor, Powersports, Seam Sealed, Snowboarding, Snowmobile, Street Bike, Street Cruiser, Team Racing 

Production Categories

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We welcome the opportunity to share our capabilities with your team, and help discover why so many top brands come to Outsource I.D. for development and production of their products.


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Quick Turn Program

Outsource I.D. is your expert team in coordinating and selecting a high-quality clothing manufacturer for your clothing line. Our team will support with development and manufacturing of your private label clothing product at every level, right up to final delivery to your designated location.

We have the infrastructure and expertise to manufacture your design, your brand, and your product. Our expertise spans over all aspects from selecting a high quality clothing manufacturer, to managing the process and systematizing the process with the apparel manufacturer of our choice.  

Hit the ‘Send Request’ form below to begin the process or email us directly to; info@outsourceid.com

Outsource I.D Core Strength's


Having exceptional, long standing relationships with proven and reliable clothing manufacturers overseas, is one of our most important core strengths Outsource I.D. brings to the table. It is by far one of the most critical factors to a successful product delivery.


Our price quotation to you is considered full-service package which includes, prototyping, production, quality control/inspection, overseas freight/U.S. customs clearance and final delivery to your final destination.


Regular and ongoing communication with your team, at every stage of the project is another core strength of Outsource I.D. We will provide continuous progress reports from the selected clothing manufacturers throughout the clothing manufacturing process, right up to final delivery.


With over 32 years of clothing manufacturing expertise, we can provide professional recommendations/suggestions for a better quality, more cost-efficient product, ranging from raw materials, to packaging and everything in between.

Outsource I.D Core Strength's

Best Factory Alliances

All-Inclusive Service

Keeping your team ‘In the loop’

Expert Product Development

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We welcome the opportunity to support and share in your exciting apparel manufacturers project. Our expert team will give you an honest assessment and recommendation on how to best proceed with the development of your private label clothing brand. We understand your time is valuable. It all starts with a conversation, so please do reach out to us. We are ready to connect you with the best clothing manufacturers worldwide.

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