Custom Designed Gear Bags

Nothing beats a Cool and Original Gear Bag. Whether going on a weekend trip, heading to the gym or off to the beach, the gear bag you’re carrying is super important. Yes, it needs to be functional but equally important, it must have the look that reflects your style.

A one of the best Wholesale Custom Clothing Manufacturer’s, Outsource I.D. has been producing Custom Designed Gear Bags for over 32 years. It starts with an idea and a design. From there our production team will recommend the best materials, trims, and logo placement. We can make it happen.

We recently designed a Startup Development Product, Sales Rep Utility bag for a Medical Company that had 7 panels, custom created to hold specialty medical tools. Now, instead of the sales reps digging into a large bag in search of instruments, they were now able to flip panels one by one and show the hospital the range of tools in a simple and organized way. Adding their logo made it look very professional.

Weather you’d like to introduce that special gear bag to compliment your other branded products, or come up with that one killer design, as a top Custom Brand Clothing Manufacturer, Outsource I.D. can develop and manufacture that bag for your company. We’ll walk you through the entire process from start to finish.

Reach out to us today so we can discuss your project.

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