Building Your Brand

Developing brand loyalty is critical to a company’s success.
Building a brand goes far beyond filing your paperwork and opening a business checking account. A brand is more than just a company logo or slogan. It’s how people feel when they see your logo or hear your name. Branding is the most powerful marketing tool in the world.
Great branding spreads like wildfire.

Here are several steps that you need to seriously consider when developing your brand.

1. Create marketing strategies that get your existing customers to become brand advocates for your business. Partner with influencers who can bring your brand to life.

Many top brands actively pursue relationships with key ‘influencers’ in their industry. Sometimes the influencers will accept free ‘merch or services’ while others require more lucrative compensation. Engaging influencers and brand ambassadors can be a very effective method to increase brand awareness and increase sales.

2. Encourage customer reviews.
Many companies offer incentives to customers who post reviews, complete surveys and provide other feedback on their products or services. Independent reviews have become critical to a business’s successes where a single negative review can have real impact on the bottom line.

3. Run promotions to incentivize referrals.
A personal referral is considered the gold standard for a business, because the potential customer in most cases, fully trusts the advice of the person providing the referral. In that respect the new customer engages with the brand on a active and motivated basis.

4. Create a customer loyalty program.
From retail coffee to the airline industry, all top companies offer some form of reward program. This has been proven to generate ‘repeat’ business and incentivize loyalty to the brand. This is invaluable to the business because it encourages the customer to return again and again creating a revenue growth curve.

Brand Marketing is an important concept that should be the driving force to an effective, overall marketing strategy. A well thought out brand marketing strategy will highlight and bring awareness to your products by connecting values and voice to the right audience through strategic communication. Let your brand personality shine. Build a brand story and messaging. Create a brand logo and tagline. They will go a long way to help you to grow your company for many years to come.

If you are just Starting Your Clothing Line, you will want to partner with an experienced Custom Clothing Manufacturer. They will be proficient in developing screen prints, embroideries, hangtags and other on product branding tools, that will go help better reach your target customer and develop stronger brand loyalty.

Another important concept to consider is Brand Identity. This is essentially your company’s reputation. It’s not what you tell people about yourself; its what people tell each other about you. Brand identity is not one specific aspect of a business. It’s comprised of multiple factors, such as company values, communication style, product offerings, logos, color palettes, and more. All of these element’s help portray your brand to the outside world. But the world’s perception of those factors ultimately becomes your brand identity.

A Custom Clothing Manufacturer can be pivotal in helping you develop products and marketing strategies that influence Brand Identity, as your reach out to your target market. Weather you’re a start-up or an existing brand, partnering with an experienced Clothing Manufacturer will have a powerful impact on the success of your Brand Marketing efforts.

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