Our Custom Clothing Vendor Process

Our Custom Clothing Vendor Process

You have a vision. You have a product, a concept that you need to bring to market. 

We can make that happen!


What We Do as a Custom Clothing Vendor

With over 32 years’ experience in domestic/overseas sourcing and production, we have broken the process down to the most simplest of methods. We like to call it P-A-D.


That’s it! We work with your team…as a team. Our graphic design, production and logistics experts will ensure a professional and rewarding experience with Outsource I.D. Our services range from concept design right thru to delivery to your warehouse and everything in between.

It all starts with a conversation. Call or email us today so we can discuss the great opportunities.

Plan It.

The first step is for us to identify and determine the exact product you would like developed. Based on an actual sample or artwork, we will confirm all features and characteristics of the product.
“Fail to Plan- Plan to Fail”

Approve It.

The next step is for us to deliver a prototype of your product. Before proceeding to actual bulk production, we will ask for your approval on everything from sizing to colors to the preproduction sample. Prior to exiting the factory, we would also ask for approval of the final product being shipped.
…Because we hate surprises as much as you!

Deliver It.

The final phase it for us to coordinate the overseas shipment from the exit port, US customs clearance and final delivery to your door.
…This is definitely the fun part

Call us today!

…so we can discuss your project and figure out your P-A-D!